Feel Release

April 12, 2022 Paula Jeffrey
Feel Release
Show Notes

This HypNote is designed to help you let go of any cords and connections that you're ready to release so that you can feel free. These might be emotions, parts of relationships, beliefs, memories, goals...but you don't need to know which ones they are specifically, your body and unconscious mind will do the work. Trust that what needs to be released will be released.

This HypNote is an adaptation of a cord cutting exercise. It's a little more hypnotic than usual, and it's longer! Please do not listen while operating machinery.

If you want a little conscious play too, before you listen, take a few minutes to brain dump anything you're ready to let go of in your life.

Prompt for after:

  • Draw or describe your happy place. What did you notice, how did you feel there?
  • We're you surprised by anything?
  • What colours were your cords?  What did they healthy, strong, supportive ones look like? How did they feel? What qualities did they provide? How were they different from the ones that released?

Take care of your needs, hydrate, eat, move, laugh, rest. Feel Free.

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